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Take stunning 360 photos on you Mobile phone

Take stunning 360 photos with your mobile phone to share on Facebook Items required: Mobile phone Google street view app Beautiful location Location Photoshop or Lightroom (medium to intermediate knowledge) Take stunning 360 photos with your mobile phone used to be quite time consuming and difficult in the past, however, with today’s mobile phone and the google Street View…

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Reasons You Should Hire a Drone to Help Sell Your Property

  Drone footage for Real Estate, don’t get left behind. Irrespective of rules and regulations around the globe, drones have become big tools in the real estate business. Irrespective of whether you are selling the property, building the property or hiring an Estate agent to sell on your behalf, Drones help to sell. Here are some reasons why: 1.Drone footage of a…

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Drone flying for beginners – Where to Fly?

DJI Mavic

Piloting your Drone – Where to Fly? Here in South Africa we love our drones, but where to fly them in a hobbyist environment? Don’t fear, help is near. Often we buy a new drone and are not sure of where to start, but no stress, we have a group exactly for that and we organize get together s…

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Safe Flying Practices – Before you fly


Safe Drone Flying Practices – Know before you fly Modern drones are a marvel of technology and before you take your first leap into the unknown, it is a great idea to get to know the software you will need to fly your DJI drone. Safe drone flying practices are key to set yourself up for success. I found…

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Getting started – DJI Mavic Pro

DJI mavic

Getting started with the DJI Mavic Pro Although I have been flying from the very beginning, building and soldering together my first drone about 10 years ago, I am quite up to speed with the first things to do when getting started with a modern drone. However, even I still watch as many YouTube videos as possible when buying…

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