DJI Drone Academy

Learn to Fly your new drone safely

Welcome to the Hobby DJI Drone Academy for hobbyists

At the DJI Drone Academy, The Better Pixel can now offer new hobby DJI Drone pilots a way to get their new drones into the air in a safe and controlled environment with the. No more stressing about where to start, what to do or where to fly. Our very experienced and friendly pilot will show you all you need to know. We specialize in DJI Phantom 3, 4, Mavic and Spark drones. We fly in a controlled and safe environment away from the hustle and bustle of your garden. With an experienced pilot by your side, there is no more need to panic to get the most out of your hobby flying. If you’ve bought any other DJI drone (Matrice or Inspire) you’re probably already good to go…

We offer 2 types of courses at the DJI Drone Academy for hobbyists and courses last between one and two hours and are held in primarily Krugersdorp on a Sunday but we can travel at additional cost. Booking essential..

Course 1 – Beginners (1 lesson required) R850.00.

This course includes the following:

  • Out of the Box – Getting ready for your first flight, including updates and setup.
  • Know Before you Fly. Things to take into consideration before you launch your new drone.
  • DJI Go App Tips and Tricks – Camera settings, where is what, and what do you need to know.
  • Safe Take off and Landing techniques and Basic Flying.

Course 2 – Advanced Techniques R850.00.

In this course you will learn and practice the following:

  • Camera settings – Best practices
  • Follow me modes
  • Home Lock (when to use it)
  • Course Lock (how to use it)
  • Manual Orbit mode
  • Aircraft recovery – Without using onscreen aids or GPS enabled Return To Home (RTH) Features


  • These classes are for hobbyists and beginners wanting to get confident with their new drones and learn safe flying practices.
  • The classes offered are by no means meant to negate any local laws issued by any relevant authorities and are NOT a ticket to doing commercial work.
  • Classes are between one or two hours and are given primarily in Krugersdorp on a Sunday but can travel at extra cost. Booking essential.
  • Courses are R850.00 for each lesson payable in cash on the day.
  • We follow all the hobby guidelines as issued by the SA CAA.
  • We are not affiliated with any organizations offering any other training courses and no certificates or ratings are issued.
  • This is not an official, sanctioned academy or training school and is purely meant to produce safer hobby pilots who might want to delve into professional aerial work at some point.
  • This Academy and all knowledge imparted is for educational purposes only.
  • By attending these courses you acknowledge full responsibility for your drones/tablet/mobile phone/batteries etc technical condition and that we are not responsible for any defects or mishaps that might occur during training sessions.

For bookings please contact fill out the form below.

Don’t be ‘That Guy’ – ‘Learn to Fly’…



Lebau Botha – When it comes to drones there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Mike helps you to make that happen. Mike has enabled me to fly with confidence! A MUST for any beginner!

Deon Van Wijk – Mike was super friendly and I was a total noob. He helped me gain confidence in a very short time. Def recommended

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