Hotone Ampero – Brick in the Wall Solo sound creation.

Hotone Ampero – Brick in the Wall

Welcome to the wonderful wold of the Hotone Ampero. Dynamite in a small package.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a definitive and 100% correct method, but should get you pretty close.

To create the heavily compressed slightly driven sound of the sound used in Brick in the wall, we need find a good clean tone first and then work on that.

Here, playing through my Fender Deluxe Strat, I selected the neck pickup, as it was originally played on a Les Paul with a P90 which is a single coil pickup.

Lets have a look at the amp and cab selections first although your final choice is up to you.

Hotone Ampero Editor Amp


Hotone Ampero Editor cab

It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as it is a full, well rounded relatively clean tone to begin with.
Here is a sample of the Strat, Neck, Clean tone as we are at the moment playing open E and A:

Next we need to add the Compressor with a very high Threshold and a lot of compression to really button that tone down:

Hotone Ampero Editor compressor

Now it sounds like this. Note how compressed it is, but still fairly clean.

Now we are going to add a drive pedal into the mix, to get us to the breakup point as we hammer those strings in the solo. You will need to adjust this depending how hot your pickups are, these are 6.00 Kohms stock MIM Strat Deluxe. The tone just barely needs to break up as you hammer it.

Hotone Ampero Editor drive

Here is a sample of the breakup:

Next we add a flavor of delay to suit. Things to note are the tempo of the patch itself in the top Right Hand corner. How much you mix into it is up to you:

Hotone Ampero Editor delay

Finally some reverb to your taste:

Hotone Ampero Editor reverb

Finally, here is the sound in the mix. Please note that I am by no means a guitar virtuoso and this is my own interpretation: