Modifying a Single conductor humbucker to split coil

Modifying a Single conductor Humbucker to split coil (PRS)

You can use either one (stock PRS) or 2 push pull pots.
You can modify your stock PRS single push pull (TONE) by just adding an additional (VOLUME) and moving one wire.


  • Un-solder the 2 wires from each pickup from the switch remembering which one goes where (take a photo)
  • Remove pickups from guitar and strip out the surrounding plate.
  • Remove the cloth tape
  • Carefully expose the red joining wire between the two coils.
  • Cut in half, tin and join a new wire (shown above in GREEN) to desired length.
  • Replace cloth tape
  • Repeat for other pickup but use a different color for reference later
  • Re install pickups

The purpose of the new joined wire is to EARTH one side of the pickup and essentially switch it off. If you do this correctly you will not need to rotate your pickups. Other wiring diagrams are not correct, they force you to rotate the pickups (bridge) because they have connected the live of the pickup to a pot.

Here we connect the live and neutral of the Pickups direct to the switch, eliminating the need to rotate the pickups later.

STEP 2 – Bridge Pickup:

  • Starting with the tone pot, remove the two wires and the cap from the original pot and replace in the exact same position on the new push pull
    I.e. Earth to earth. Live wire to SWEEPER Cap to Lug 1 and Earth (pot side plate)
  • Connect the new wire from the bridge pickup to E or B (COMMON)
  • Solder a new wire from D or A to the side of the Pot (EARTH)
  • Use E and D or B and A. Not E and A

Reference the below pic we are connecting my GREEN wire which is the new wire

STEP 3 Neck Pickup

  • Remove the Volume pot and replace all wires exactly as they were before one at a time.
  • Once again connect your new wire to either E or B (COMMON) Shown in the above pic (WHITE WIRE)
  • Solder a new wire from D or A of the pot to the side of the Pot (EARTH)
  • Use E and D or B and A. Not E and A
  • Don’t forget to EARTH Lug 1 of the volume pot to the side of the pot or the volume will not work

What will happen now is when you PULL the pot your NEW wire will be EARTHED eliminating that coil

Doing it this way you will not need to rotate your bridge pickup

For a SINGLE PUSH/PULL pot conversion, replace either the TONE/VOLUME pot and solder both new wires to COMMON on the Push/Pull pot
Do not forget the Earth to A or D