Take stunning 360 photos on you Mobile phone

Take stunning 360 photos with your mobile phone to share on Facebook

Items required:

  • Mobile phone
  • Google street view app
  • Beautiful location Location
  • Photoshop or Lightroom (medium to intermediate knowledge)

Take stunning 360 photos with your mobile phone used to be quite time consuming and difficult in the past, however, with today’s mobile phone and the google Street View app, this is no longer a chore.

Take the pic.

Find a nice location and remember that the closer objects are to you, the more difficult it will be to let the stitching process deliver stellar results. The further the way objects are, the easier it will be and with less stitching errors. So in my view this is not ideal for interior Real estate photography where more professional equipment would be required. Head over to the App Store and download the free Street View App and launch it. For complete instructions head over here. Rotate your phone into a Portrait orientation and you will be presented with a preview and a dot in the center. (see pic above)

The app takes the pics itself and all you need to do is to connect the dots as you spin around slowly and carefully. Try and be as accurate as you can for the best results. Also remember to start your shooting in the direction you want your audience to first view the photo. I.e. your main subject should be your first photo. Also, in an ideal world you will rotate the phone from one spot as apposed to you being in the center with the phone ahead of you whilst you rotate to capture the view.

Edit the pic.

Once you have taken all the photos required to complete the 360 sphere (about 40) you will see a completion icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the stitching is done you are essentially ready to publish and share, however, you can make the photo better by fixing some unsightly shadows of your self or inserting a nice logo. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the image locally and open in Photoshop.

All 360 photos need to have an aspect ration of 2:1. i.e. 6000 x 3000 pixels and Google street view already does this for us. Google Street View outputs an image size of 10240 x 5120 which is to large for Facebook and other social sites so we need to resize it first. So, once opened in Photoshop, head over to IMAGE – SIZE and enter 6000 as the width. Photoshop will do the rest then click OK.

Head over to the CLONE STAMP tool and start sampling from the left and right of the shadow to fill in the grass

I added some CURVES and HUE/SATURATION layers and edited to taste:

At this stage I added some logos top and bottom, but that is completely up to you and covered in a different tutorial.
My results are below. Click and drag around or hit the full screen mode by clicking the little box in the bottom right hand corner.